The weRoka-system offers essential advantages

is easy to handle
Upon insertion of the required fee, the handle for opening the door can be used as many as you like. Special operating instructions are not necessary. This process is only finished, when the user is locking from the inside or leaving the cubicle. A lock prevents from additional use of the cubicle free of charge.

is serving safety
"Vacant position" (green) and "engaged" (red) are easily to recognize. Furthermore locks are installed to prevent coin insertion and opening during "engaged position". In special cases the mechanism may be opened or locked from the outside.

allows easily tariff changing
This is new:
If a tariff change is needed, both locking mechanism types I and 11 are able to be adjusted on each insertion side from 1 x to 2x or 3x of the same coin sort. This modification is done at the door and lasts a few minutes only! Type I (one coin slot) can additionally W be extended to type 11 (two coin slots) for two different coin sorts.

is supervising the cash
An installed counter is recording each unlocking by cash or by the maintenance key. For any cleaning or own requirements a maintenance key is used instead of the usual coins.

is burglar-roof
The inside face plate is invisible bolted with the automatic mechanism. A safety lock inside the housing prevents from unauthorized taking out of the cash.

used as coin contact lock
The automatic mechanism is controlling the hot-water delivery in shower cubicles and bathrooms via time relay.

after-sales service

Any repairs are done quickly in our workshop.


The costs for erection, maintenance, staff and material in public lavatories are increasing extremely in every year. Furthermore the users are more paying attention to cleanness and hygiene of sanitations.

weRoka coin-operated door locks are collecting reliable the indicated users fee - carnings that cover the maintenance cost of your plant.

The function of your maintenance personnel is only restricted to cleaning works - a steady presence is not necessary !

The purchase of the door lock systems amortizes in a short time!