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Mr. Roth, Manager
Coin-operated door locks

Save costs through weRoka - doorlock automats

Operate you your hygienic facilities in future economic and rational


Limit you in future the using your sanitary facilities on the therefore planned entitled persons.

  • Less damages and soilings


weRoka - doorlock automats fulfil dependable that from you demanded expectancy through money taking of a free eligible charge for the use of in form of mintage, or value brands.

  • Cost increase will through the increase of the fees intercepted again


For all carrier of public accessible sanitary installations, or wanted controlled admissions in all ranges, where for the aperturing, or shutting a charge get collected.

in lavatories


in washing-rooms
in shower cubicles
in staff toilets
in bathrooms
in dressing rooms

If you are interessed, we make you a offer from our products, with or without assembling.

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